About Us

Advisory Committee

The Youth Service Advisory Committee is comprised of representatives from local agencies and schools, providing input into the needs of the youth they serve.
Executive Director

Summer Knapp manages our day to day operations, programs, and ever-important relationships within the community.

​​​​​MCJAC conducts seminars and trainings for local social service agencies to help improve programs and discuss emerging issues this vulnerable youth population is facing. Informational seminars are also conducted for the community to learn about services available in this county.

Volunteers are carefully screened and then  matched to local agencies, schools, or community programs that have some role (s) to be filled. Volunteers must apply, provide three reference letters, interview, and submit all clearance and background checks.

Board of Directors

​The board of directors provides guidance and direction for the organization.

Mercer County Juvenile Advisory Council Inc. (MCJAC) is an evolution of a two year, county-wide study called the Mercer Adolescent Project (MAP) which ended in 1986. MCJAC was then created through the Juvenile Court Judges Commission to continue the work MAP had started.​​ The original focus was to promote interagency cooperation, human services education, public awareness, policy changes, and advocacy for at-risk youth of Mercer County PA.

Twenty Seven years later, MCJAC is still working to improve programs, services, and opportunities for the children, youth, and young adults in Mercer County through advocating, championing, and supporting youth-centered policies and through effective recruitment and placement of volunteers with agencies.

It takes a team of dedicated volunteers to make sure the children, youth, and transition age adults aren't falling through the cracks of the Human Service System. We're fortunate to have some of the best dedicating their time, energy, and expertise to our cause.


"Every kid is one adult away from being a success story"

- Josh Shipp